Saturday, June 18, 2011

Professional Learning Plan

I will look forward to a lifetime of learning! On to the Masters program!


  1. Stacy,

    There was one comment on your learning plan that really stood out to me: practice, practice, practice! It makes me think back to study abroad. When I was involved in learning a new language in Russia, I was excited and eager to use my knowledge. However, when I came back to the states and wasn't using Russian anymore on a daily basis, it felt harder to remember and implement. This same idea could be true about our technology "language." While we are finishing up our courses, it will be important to make goals of maintaining this knowledge and continuing to explore and re-purpose technology for our classroom. If not, we could dangerously forget a lot of the ideas we obtained through these courses. Great fact to point out!

    I think your future goals seemed good. I liked how you had a short term and long term element to them. I think this is important so that it doesn't feel too overwhelming. Good job!

  2. I loved how very specific you were with the goals you have for the future. I think narrating your powerpoints is a great idea and would be really nice when you have a sub because its like you're still there to teach the class!

    Good for you for admitting that you didn't accomplish one of your goals. Sometimes that's so hard for us to do. I think that you have accomplished that goal partially, but being the great teacher that you are, I'm sure you just want more :). Great job on reflecting on the past and keeping your future goals focused.

  3. I think it's great that you were able to really take a look at what you learned and what you still need to learn. I agree with you that if we don't practice with these tools that we've been introduced to, we will just lose the opportunity to advance with them. I love using iMovie, although each time I use it I find there is more to learn. I've also used Windows MovieMaker and that is a great tool too. It's great that you have someone in your school who could be a resource to help you navigate through these programs if you needed help. I also agree that narrating slides will make your life easier, whether you have a sub, or for absent students, or just because it can get repetitive teaching the same lesson period after period in the middle school. I also often find that I leave something out every now and then as I teach the same lesson five times in a row. Having it recorded could really minimize that! It's been a pleasure working with you and learning from you in this course! Have a great summer!