Thursday, June 9, 2011

Group Leadership Project - Part B

Our group spent a significant amount of time developing the storyboard for our Group Leadership project, a tutorial on wikis and using them to collaborate in the classroom.

The portion of the project that I completed was a portion of the slides used in the presentation. Although I was responsible for the content in slides 4-19 (with suggestions for the script), the rest of the group did an excellent job helping to give suggestions for additional information needed, teaching me how to use Diigo to take professional looking screenshots, and breaking down/rearranging some slides to make the presentation flow better. I largely used screenshots from the wiki I use for my student council group, but also used them from a wiki I use to collaborate with other teachers in the district. This familiarity with the wiki made it easy for me to "teach" others how to get started themselves.

As far as the final project goes, we have all put in significant amounts of time to helping one another with their portions of the project, dividing up the work evenly, and providing continual feedback in order to ensure the best final project. (Although we used Vyew originally, the chat window in Google docs has been our main source of communication.) I am certain that after we continue to add the final touches to the project, we will continue to do the same.

To view our group's storyboard, click here.

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