Friday, May 27, 2011

Wicked Problem Project - Part B

What is the TP knowledge for the solution?

The technology I have chosen, Google Docs, supports the teaching strategies and methods I have chosen by making document sharing easy. Some great teaching and learning strategies that could lend well to document sharing are teacher-student edits and commenting, as well as peer editing. A teacher could easily upload a document such as a writing prompt. The student could then write his or her paper, and then share that document with both the teacher, and any peers that are willing to help edit.

This allows for meaningful and timely feedback from both the instructor and the peer.

What is the TC knowledge for the solution?

The Technological Content knowledge makes teacher and peer editing of documents, and document sharing easier because anyone with a Google account can access the created documents with a simple invite by the creator. Students can also create their own documents easily, and then enter their peers’ email addresses to peer edit. Once they “share back” the creator receives back a document that has clear, meaningful feedback.

What is the PC knowledge for the solution?

Pedagogical Content knowledge “includes knowing what teaching approaches fit the content, and likewise, knowing what teaching content can be arranged for better teaching” (Mishra & Koehler, 2006).

The pedagogical choices I have made concerning teacher and student edititing processes are made more accessible by the technology of Google docs because of the program’s ease of use, accessibility, sharing functions, and cost effectiveness. The students at the middle school level have not had a wide variety of experiences with word processing programs. However, the extremely simple interface of Google docs will allow them to complete their word processing tasks easily and without much distraction of extra tools that they do not need or know how to use at this point.


  1. Hi Stacy! Good job on the post! As I was reading your first part, I also thought about how GoogleDocs allows teachers and users to monitor who worked on what part of a project. If you did a group project, you would still be able to use the technology to enhance your teaching/monitoring learning by looking up the activity log on GoogleDocs. It lets you see how much each person contributed. If you need help find that part of GoogleDocs, I would be more than happy to show you!

  2. Great job-sounds very well thought out. Did you plan to use Google Docs with students too or just faculty? Our faculty all uses it, but I would love to have students all have accounts as well. That's a great point Debbie made about the activity log if you do open it up to students.