Monday, May 30, 2011

Leadership Project - Part A

After much experimentation and frustration, here is the link to our group's webcast.

This is only the last half of our project, as the file was too large to upload otherwise.

We used Vyew to do our webcast, and ran into a few trials and tribulations. Although we were all present at the webcast, many of us were in and out of video, audio, and the program due to various "technical difficulties". It took us quite some time to figure out the best protocol to speak to one another without echoing or interruption, and how exactly to get the audio to work on all of our computers. We did get everything done that we needed to, however, and there were a few aspects of the Vyew program that helped us do that.

The things I liked about Vyew were that it was easy to do a group chat, see everyone's webcam image, see who is speaking, and type in a document while the webcast is going on.

If I had to conduct my own webcast, I would probably use Skype as it is, I have found, much more user friendly.

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  1. Stacy,
    Good reflection. Make sure you are linking the screencast (or better yet...embed it into the blog).
    Keep it up!