Monday, December 6, 2010

MMC Online Experience

Talk about how you could use one of the technologies that qualify as an online experience with your students.
• What content could this help you teach?
• What type of pedagogical strategies might you use with your students?
• What technologies do you think would be harder to use with your students? Why?

The online experience that I would use the most with my students I think would be the webquest. My students have a very hard time staying on task, completing tasks in a timely and orderly fashion, and completing research without a very guided study. The webquest could help me teach many topics in my sixth grade science curriculum. The one thing in particular that I am thinking of is the biomes research project we do each year.

The webquest would particularly help with the simulation pedagogical strategy because there are many online simulations that students could easily click on to access demos and simulations to assist in learning the material.

The technologies that would be harder for me to use would be the educational blog. This would be difficult for me because I think that with my district’s AUP, it would be difficult to get students access to these kinds of sites, and for the students to have an email address to submit to it. We also have very limited computer access, so this would be difficult to do on a regular basis.

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